Jalapeno Lime Cheesecake

A number of years ago, I was the editor of a rural weekly newspaper. As part of that job, I was expected to be the face of the newspaper in the community especially for events such as fundraisers or events where local businesses were participating. During one of those fundraising […]

Chocolate Trifle

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away (sorry that intro never gets old to me!), my wife introduced me to trifle. As a young warthog (ok, they’re both Disney properties!), I had never experienced trifle. I was not a huge fan of pudding mind you. On the […]

Zucchini Cake

This simple GF zucchini cake recipe is a number of years in the making (or at least putting it online is). Back when I was an editor for a small, rural weekly newspaper in North Dakota, I got zucchini’d! I had never had that experience as a city boy before. […]

Apple Crisp

I have a confession to make. When it comes to desserts, I usually forgo all others in favour of the flavour that has had me enthralled since I was a babe. In fact, that flavour is one of my four basic food groups – chocolate, cheese, chicken and chilies … […]

Candy Bars 2

I may have said this before … but I’ll say it again – I love cookies. One of my favourites has always been the original chocolate chip cookie. And if there’s a batch being cooked, my wife has said I have radar for cookies and always seem to appear when […]

Death by Ice Cream Cake

Warning: This recipe takes awhile and may not be worth sharing with others depending on what flavours you use. They wouldn’t like it – it would likely only be for you. Why would you share it? Why do I have to share it? You can’t make me share … Shut […]

Carrot Cake

There’s not a lot that you can say about a cake that involves veggies. I have loved a chocolate zucchini cake before, but carrot cake with cream cheese icing is the stuff that rabbit’s dreams are made of. And I need to stop typing right there and compose myself for […]

Wookie Cookie

So a post featuring a cookie shaped as a Wookie should be a clear indication that I like “Star Wars.” But in case you weren’t clear, I grew up on “Star Wars”, I have twins that are not named Luke and Leia (my wife’s fault) and we will all be […]