Calzone Pie

There was a time when not only was I enamored by pizza, I was enamored of calzones as well. Of course, that was when I could have a soft, gluten-filled crust making that gooey & delicious shell around all that cheese and those toppings. Sadly there came a time that […]

Candy Bars 2

I may have said this before … but I’ll say it again – I love cookies. One of my favourites has always been the original chocolate chip cookie. And if there’s a batch being cooked, my wife has said I have radar for cookies and always seem to appear when […]

Banana Loaf

As someone with Celiac’s Disease, you know it’s difficult to have good bread. Luckily, this simple recipe makes great bread for just a snack and is awesome for French Toast. This recipe is great whether using Glutenized flour or GF flour – as always check your GF flour to ensure […]

Brazilian Pizza Crust

This pizza recipe has to be one of the easiest that I’ve come across. Then again, I tend to make them more complicated once I start working with them. That said this recipe is still remarkably simple. The best thing about this crust recipe is that it’s the closest I’ve […]

Pizza Crust

Everyone loves pizza! Unfortunately, the best pizza dough recipes out there (either online or in restaurants) typically call for high gluten flour, mainly due to gluten being the best binder for the dough. And since most of us have had to cut gluten out altogether, then that doesn’t work. So […]