Calzone Pie

There was a time when not only was I enamored by pizza, I was enamored of calzones as well. Of course, that was when I could have a soft, gluten-filled crust making that gooey & delicious shell around all that cheese and those toppings. Sadly there came a time that […]

Jerk Pretzel Pork

Bacon, Bacon, Bacon … oh wait, that’s another post. Pork, Pork, Pork. There we go! That’s much better. I’ve proclaimed my love for the other white meat many times on this site. And I’m about to do it again! With my wife and children not doing GF as a standard, […]

Cheesy Pork Roll

I’m not exactly sure why I need to keep wrapping stuff in bacon. Whether it’s a meatloaf or a jalapeno, everything really is better with bacon. Ok in my case, bacon and cheese! Pork roasts were never really served in my house when I was younger. Sure we did pork […]

Tex-Mex Meltdown Meatloaf

Back in the day, I used to write a recipe column for a newspaper in North Dakota. At that time I was playing around with the idea for a Tex-Mex meatloaf that used salsa and Doritos for the wet and dry ingredients to add to the ground beef for bulk. […]

Pork Fried Rice

A long time ago, in a galaxy (or in this case) a country not too far away, I worked in a supermarket deli. That job helped me learn a lot about a number of different foods and the preparation of said foods. At the same time, it helped me flesh […]

Cajun Tuna Wrap

I’ve found that sandwiches are not necessarily an easy feat to achieve with Celiac’s. Most people would say that’s a no-brainer since most bread has gluten. Yet, there are a ton of options for gluten-free bread, some are better than others. Unfortunately most of the good ones that are light […]