Side Dishes

Garlic-Parm Asparagus

A few years before Celiac Diagnosis, I was diagnosed with Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease. It was because of that diagnosis that I was further diagnosed with Celiac’s. Now I have to watch not only my lack of gluten consumption, but also my fat intake. So I started at that time […]

Foiled Again Potatoes

  Over the years, I’ve had a love/hate relationship with grills in general. I’ve never had a real good one and have only had real good success with gas grills since you can very easily regulate the heat. So when I saw a recipe recently for foil pouch potatoes I […]

Mac ‘n’ Cheese

Obviously one of the toughest classic dishes to make GF – besides bread – would be macaroni and cheese. It’s hugely popular across the top two thirds of North America and has an almost undeniable champion brand – Kraft Dinner or KD as it’s called in the Great White North. […]


Bill’s Twice Baked ‘Taters are a hit pretty much any time I pull ’em out. These baked potatoes are already dressed and fantastic as a side. The only real issue with these is that it takes a fair bit of time to pull ’em off right! 10-12 medium potatoes 1 […]