Drunk Monkey Bread

About 15 years ago I used to work in a breakfast cafe in Roswell, Georgia. It was just a bit more of a training ground for my favourite meal of the day! While I was there, I perfected the egg flip and most of the other classic staples of breakfast […]

Huevos Nachos Italiano

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed yet, but I love breakfast foods and I love pork. Such a versatile meat, bacon, sausage, bacon, roast, chops – it’s all good. When I can combine the two it’s even better! And one of the other things I like is breakfast casseroles. This […]

Breakfast Burrito

We’ve all heard the story about when I was a young warthog … OK, maybe you haven’t heard my version. Either way, I grew up on Mexican food and developed a taste for more spice. However, in all that time I was never introduced to the delights of the Breakfast […]

Pig Sty

One of the first things I learned to cook for myself back in the day was French Toast. I learned that recipe from my Nanny. And that started a lifelong love of cooking but not of breakfast. That I can thank my mother for – she always loved breakfast. But […]

Banana Oat-Walnut Pancakes

It’s usually pretty tough to do baking that is GF. But I was able to alter a recipe that gave me enough pancakes to save in portions (about 24 for breakfast. Obviously this one is not spicy, but it is nonetheless tasty for sure! Banana Oat-Walnut Pancakes 2 cups (480 […]