Death by Ice Cream Cake

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IC cakeWarning: This recipe takes awhile and may not be worth sharing with others depending on what flavours you use. They wouldn’t like it – it would likely only be for you. Why would you share it? Why do I have to share it? You can’t make me share … Shut up you and give them the recipe! All right, fine!

Now that my inner chocolate demon is done arguing with my kind sharing, er, angel, I’ll give you what is one of the most versatile recipes for an ice cream cake. I’ve used this recipe a number of times including for a few friends of mine who wanted two of them as their wedding cakes. The one I did most recently (and shared) prompted another friend to tell me that I could make one of them for her wedding as well!

Once you pick your flavours and make your cookies it’s then all about the assembly, which will likely take a day or two. Without further digression …



Death by Ice Cream Cake

1 recipe GF cookie (such as Creamed Coffee Cookies)IC cake with form
1 recipe Bailey’s Ganache
1 tub GF ice cream (such as Peanut Butter Cup ice cream)

  1. Bake one half of your cookie dough into one giant cookie at the bottom of a spring form pan (I used an 8″ form). You should line the bottom of the pan with parchment paper so that you can undo the mold and lift the baked cookie right off.
  2. Bake the second half immediately. For this one you don’t need the parchment paper unless you want to take the cake of the bottom to put it on a nice platter for serving.
  3. While both cookies cool, make your ganache and let it cool a bit. Pull out your ice cream so that it’s not extremely stiff when you start the assembly.
  4. Now you can start assembling the first layer with the form still on the pan. Layer about half of the ice cream onto the bottom cookie so it’s relatively flat; using a spatula to even the top works best. Pour a layer of ganache over the ice cream, again try to make it even.
  5. Put it in the freezer for a few hours to let the ice cream get cool again since it should be a bit melty and soft.
  6. Repeat Steps 4 & 5 with the parchment paper off the middle layer cookie.
  7. You may have to heat your ganache a bit to ensure you can pour it over the sides. Not to hot though or it won’t stick. Warning: this is the messiest part of the assembly as you take the form off the layers and then pour/frost the side of the ice cream cake. Try using a long frosting knife to coat the sides of the cake – you’ll have to work quick and then get the cake back in the freezer to keep the ganache on the side as it will likely try to melt down.
  8. Once it’s frozen, you should be ready to serve it! And remember it’s OK to share it!

IC Cake without form