Cheesy Pork Roll

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RGFC ยป Cheesy Pork Roll

While the bacon may not look cooked, that’s not the case since it was wrapped in parchment paper to keep the loaf together. This also helped keep the juices from just evaporating.

I’m not exactly sure why I need to keep wrapping stuff in bacon. Whether it’s a meatloaf or a jalapeno, everything really is better with bacon. Ok in my case, bacon and cheese!CheesyPork-Prep

Pork roasts were never really served in my house when I was younger. Sure we did pork chops – battered and fried, maybe some milk gravy. But pork roasts were just not done. Then I got diagnosed and started looking at other types of foods to fill me up, because we all know GF is Not Taste Free. And doing a pork roast fit the bill.

My first variation of a simple pork roast was my Caribbean Jerk Roast. But recently I saw another Celiac blogger talking about bacon-wrapped loaf and I had to experiment. And boy was this experiment tasty!

I made a sandwich with Pepper Jack cheese and fresh jalapenos between pork “buns” wrapped in bacon … it was awesome!

Cheesy Pork Roll

CheesyPork-Prep21 pork roast
about 150 g Pepper Jack cheese
1 regular package bacon
2-3 jalapenos or other peppers
Cajun seasoning

  1. Preheat your convection to 375 degrees while you start slicing your jalapenos into strips, cheese into thin blocks (about a quarter inch thick) and your roast into what looks like a hoagie.
  2. Place your cheese in the middle and then your peppers on the top of the cheese.
  3. Fold your pork roll together and pat the roll down with your Cajun Spices.
  4. Wrap your bacon around the pork roast and then wrap the whole roast with parchment paper before putting it into a meatloaf pan.
  5. Cook the roast for about 35-40 minutes or until your meat thermometer says mid rare to medium for pork. Remember it will cook up for a bit longer after you take it out.