Breakfast Burrito

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RGFC ยป Breakfast Burrito
This particular concoction featured fresh jalapenos and a cold baked potato. Hearty to say the least!

This particular concoction featured fresh jalapenos and a cold baked potato. Hearty to say the least!

We’ve all heard the story about when I was a young warthog … OK, maybe you haven’t heard my version. Either way, I grew up on Mexican food and developed a taste for more spice.

However, in all that time I was never introduced to the delights of the Breakfast Burrito until later in life when McDonald’s of all places started serving them. Then I was hooked and of course that was BCD.

Honestly there is really not much of a difference between a good egg scramble and a good breakfast burrito. One you served with the “bread” and cheese wrapped around the scramble and the other you served with jalapeno jelly on your buttered toast. And frankly your scramble could be very different than mine.

ScrambleTallScrambles, burritos, omelettes – they all vary depending on your individual taste. Therefore, there will not be a down pat recipe for this one. It will be along the lines of a this is how I make my scramble or burrito. And while I can make a mean omelette, like my pizza, I tend to put too many ingredients in them to really call them pizza, er, omelettes!

Breakfast Burrito / Scramble

3 eggs
1 GF tortilla (Udi’s are the best I’ve found)
Cheddar slices
Pepper Jack Cheese
Crumbled Bacon
Cold Tater Tots/Diced Fries/potato
Red onion
Minced Garlic
Cayenne Pepper or fresh Jalapenos

  1. In an 8-inch non-stick frying pan, saute your bacon, onions and spices in a bit of butter.ScrambleStart
  2. Once your onions are soft, add in the crumbled tots or diced potatoes. If need be add a little butter to ensure that the mixture doesn’t dry up.
  3. Crack your eggs right into the pan and add in your cheese slices. Mix and cook thoroughly.
  4. If you are using tomatoes, this is when you add them so they don’t put a ton of moisture into the scramble.
  5. Once this is all done cooking, pour it onto your plate and layer a healthy dose of shredded Pepper Jack over the top. Or if you are doing a burrito, pour the mix onto your tortilla that has had the cheese already melted on it!