Drunk Monkey Bread

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RGFC ยป Drunk Monkey Bread
This version was missing the bananas and used Reeses Peanut Butter Spread. It was still amazing!

This version was missing the bananas and used Reeses Peanut Butter Spread. It was still amazing!

About 15 years ago I used to work in a breakfast cafe in Roswell, Georgia. It was just a bit more of a training ground for my favourite meal of the day! While I was there, I perfected the egg flip and most of the other classic staples of breakfast making. Not sure that I would want to go back to being a line cook, but there have been plenty of times that I do the short order deal for family and friends.

And while I love a good omelet, there’s a special place in my heart for French Toast. It was the first real thing I learned how to cook from my paternal grandmother, Nanny. And the love affair with cooking and breakfast in particular was born.

Now as a CD card-carrying member, making French Toast is a little hard now. However, you just have to really be willing to go with small bread pieces (think Udi’s) or make your own. In this conglomeration, that is the way I go since this recipe combines French Toast, bananas, peanut butter, Anglaise and chocolate sauce to make a decadent dish that really doesn’t need anything else with it. Who says Gluten Free is Taste Free?!

Since this one is a dish unto itself with multiple components, I will be putting links up to other recipes on site that relate to the whole of this dish. As a side note, this recipe can be nut free if you decide to use WowButter or SunButter as a substitute.

Drunk Monkey Bread

1 recipe Banana Loaf
1 recipe Baileys Anglaise
1 recipe Kahlua French Toast Batter
Chocolate Sauce (I use this recipe – it’s originally a chocolate fountain sauce but works really well!)
Peanut Butter

  1. Once you’ve made all the components, you can start assembling sandwiches. Spread peanut butter on one side, layer with sliced banana and then top with another slice of banana bread.
  2. Dunk the sandwich in the batter and fry it up on a griddle until it’s golden brown.
  3. Ladle first your Anglaise over the top and then a bit of the chocolate sauce.
  4. Serve immediately!