Foiled Again Potatoes

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A little Pepper Jack and you're on your way!

A little Pepper Jack and you’re on your way!


Over the years, I’ve had a love/hate relationship with grills in general. I’ve never had a real good one and have only had real good success with gas grills since you can very easily regulate the heat. So when I saw a recipe recently for foil pouch potatoes I was intrigued. But what intrigued me is that you can cook them typically in either the oven or the grill – who knew?!

Yep, you can crawl through the web and find tons and tons of foil potato pouches to be done and obviously those tons of people knew! So what makes this one different you say?

Well for starter’s it’s GF of course! And secondly it’s got that Spicy flavour explosion thing goin! So let’s not dally – here’s my version!

Foiled Again Potatoes

4-6 medium potatoes
1 red onion
1/2 cup (120 g) pre-cooked bacon bits
2 tbsp (30g) Lowry’s Seasoning Salt
2 tbsp (30 g) minced garlic
1-2 tbsp (15-30 g) red pepper flakes
1 tbsp (15 g) oregano

  1. Slice your potatoes into discs about 1/4 to 1/2 inch thick and then julienne your red onions.FoiledPotatoes-Preoven
  2. Create a pouch out of aluminum foil or cheat and use a aluminum foil roasting pan that you cover with foil.
  3. Cube your butter or scoop it into the foil in various places. Add all of your spices and bacon in – also spread out.
  4. Close your pouch or cover your pan. Your oven or grill should have been pre-heating by now to 375 degrees.
  5. Grilled or baked it should be around 45 minutes. But be cautious and check it at about 30 just in case!
  6. Once they are done cooking serve with some shredded Pepper Jack cheese and some diced green onions as well.