As I wrote about a month and a half ago, I have to watch my intake of sodium. The biggest thing with watching your sodium comes from how much of that salty goodness is in pre-packaged food. Unfortunately, there is still sodium in almost every food you imbibe.

I am still working my way through the processed food in my house. But at this point, the processed foods that I consume is getting less and less.

That said, deciphering how much you eat on a daily basis is like trying to keep track of how many breathes you take in a minute. You have to pay attention to the point of distraction – of enjoyment of life.

The biggest distraction from that is how much are you actually supposed to have since every bottle or package gives you the serving dosage based on mg & percentage of daily diet. So in order to combat that issue, I have done a bit of research.

According to Health Canada, adults and teens should not eat more than 2300 mg per day, compared to the recommended of 1500 mg. Supposedly an average Canadian typically consume about 3400 mg daily. After calculations, I was consuming close to four times that amount – WAS being the primary word there.

Now I am much more aware.and have one cheat day a week, but am doing my best to keep it in check.

So the interesting thing about that is something like 358 mg being 16% is wrong … that would be closer to the 2300 at the upper limit. Therefore, keep in mind 1500 mg, not percentages!

Over the next few weeks, I will be trying to do some rough calculations and putting in how many grams of salt are in servings – if it can be considered something like low sodium. Unfortunately most of recipes are not normally that way and they will not be labeled as low-sodium obviously.

I will try to re-post recipes when I figure out the sodium in a serving AND it will be tagged with a new Low Sodium label. And I will start the development of some low-sodium recipes as well. Some of those include stuff like naturally low-sodium salad dressing or home-made stuff burgers.

As always remember, GF does not mean Taste Free!