Monthly Archives: October 2014

Cajun Tuna Wrap

I’ve found that sandwiches are not necessarily an easy feat to achieve with Celiac’s. Most people would say that’s a no-brainer since most bread has gluten. Yet, there are a ton of options for gluten-free bread, some are better than others. Unfortunately most of the good ones that are light […]

Brazilian Pizza Crust

This pizza recipe has to be one of the easiest that I’ve come across. Then again, I tend to make them more complicated once I start working with them. That said this recipe is still remarkably simple. The best thing about this crust recipe is that it’s the closest I’ve […]

Kids with Celiacs

This is something I had to repost thanks to @Celiacdotorg … The article explains how sometimes a simple tummyache has the potential to be more with just parent that has been diagnosed as having Celiac’s Disease. I know it is definitely something I will be watching for from here […]