Monthly Archives: August 2014

Mac ‘n’ Cheese

Obviously one of the toughest classic dishes to make GF – besides bread – would be macaroni and cheese. It’s hugely popular across the top two thirds of North America and has an almost undeniable champion brand – Kraft Dinner or KD as it’s called in the Great White North. […]

Slow Ribs

As I mentioned before, I am not a huge fan of traditional barbecue. But I love some tender juicy ribs and done with an amazing sauce – like my Cola Cajun BBQ Sauce – you can’t go wrong! This recipe really is all about the preparation rather than just the […]

Jerk Chicken Pizza

There’s this place in Georgia (Atlanta and beyond) that has fantastic pizza. One of my favourites from there was a Caribbean Jerk Chicken. Now obviously, I don’t know how they made theirs and since I’m Reluctantly Gluten Free, I can’t have normal pizza crust. Therefore, I have to improvise and […]

Pizza Crust

Everyone loves pizza! Unfortunately, the best pizza dough recipes out there (either online or in restaurants) typically call for high gluten flour, mainly due to gluten being the best binder for the dough. And since most of us have had to cut gluten out altogether, then that doesn’t work. So […]

FMD Burritos

Full Meal Deal Burritos This recipe is actually a two-fer. A long time ago (about 15 years ago), in a galaxy far, far away (Roswell, GA that is), my wife and I were newlywed and living on our own. Though my wife is originally from Canada, she liked the South […]

Steak Ranchero

Fair warning – I’m going to generalize here. Every guy loves steak! And the interesting part is every guy has a specific way that they like steak and it almost never can vary in the way that it is prepared. I like steak done a couple of ways, but this […]


Bill’s Twice Baked ‘Taters are a hit pretty much any time I pull ’em out. These baked potatoes are already dressed and fantastic as a side. The only real issue with these is that it takes a fair bit of time to pull ’em off right! 10-12 medium potatoes 1 […]